Wireless devices are quickly becoming the standard viewing devices for many people surfing the internet. Standard websites are very hard to read and do not always function properly on these hand-held devices.

Mobile-friendly websites provide easier viewing and access. Here is a visual comparision:

Standard WebsiteMobile Website

 A mobile website increases customer engagement up to 85%

Optimizing your site for mobile devices will boost engagement – all the way up to 85%. Research has shown that a mobile-optimized web site is able to generate almost twice the average traffic per user than sites without mobile optimization.

Google research: no mobile site = lost customers

Research performed by Google says that mobile-friendly sites make 67% of customers MORE LIKELY to buy a company’s product or service. Conversely, not having a mobile site can cause you to LOSE up to 61% of your customers to a competitor. Those are big numbers!

52% of local mobile searches turn into phone calls

oogle says that 40% of mobile searches are local in nature, and that 52% of those searches become phone calls. There are 760 million mobile searches in the US on a daily basis, so there’s a great opportunity for you to gain new customers when you have a mobile web site.

Two-Thirds of mobile users say a mobile-friendly site makes them more likely to buy a company’s product or service

Higher customer engagement (repeat visits) coupled with higher satisfaction index while on a mobile website turn visitors into customers.

40% of mobile users switched from one company’s website to a competitor’s after having to deal with a poorly designed website for their mobile device

Consumers have come to expect mobile websites from the businesses they work with, large or small, and if your website does not deliver when they try to access it on their Smartphone while out and about, they are very likely to start looking elsewhere for the information, products or services they need.

Inbound mobile phone calls are 10-15 times more likely to convert than inbound web form leads

Google says that 61% of mobile searches result in a phone call and inbound phone calls are 10-15 times more likely to convert than inbound web leads. In other words mobile searches produce more customer conversions for your business than simple web clicks.

Mobile growth is staggering – Mobile users are on track to quickly surpass desktop users within 2 years

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), more consumers in the United States will access the Internet on mobile devices than computers by 2015. For 2013, 57% of all tech growth will be mobile devices.