Create landing pages on your small business’ website to boost search engine rankings for the products and services you sell

As a small business owner, you probably offer a range of products and services. If you’re an electrician, for instance, you might do everything from ceiling fan installation to breaker box replacement. So what happens when potential customers use the internet to find a professional who can perform these tasks? Chances are, they’ll search for a specific product or service—not the name of your company. They may not know where to find what they’re looking for or who can provide it, but they know what they’re looking for.

That’s where category pages come in. Category pages are separate landing pages of your website you create for each category of products or services that your business offers. These webpages help your business rank higher in an online search for terms that are associated with those products and services. And if done right, they can act as a powerful way to improve your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) and drive potential customers to your category pages.

To create category pages that help your business rank in searches based on the type of products and services you offer, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use original content. You may sell several similar products or services, but if you simply duplicate the text, Google doesn’t know which page should rank higher. Writing unique, descriptive and engaging content for each product and service page reduces the risk of being penalized for duplicate content. Even better, it could improve your page rankings in search engine results.
  • Link to related categories and products. This type of internal linking may increase sales simply by presenting similar services or items of interest. This is especially the case when potential buyers don’t have a specific product or service in mind.