Social Media Marketing and Management

Social marketing has become an integral part of our lives and continues to evolve. A few years ago everyone was talking about the importance of B2B companies being active and creating pages on sites such as Facebook and Twitter– now the conversation has shifted and is moving towards the idea that every marketing campaign must be social. The new theory is that social is more than just a channel or tactic; it is a strategy that should be present in every aspect of your marketing. And now that B2B finally understands the power of social, how do you harness it? How do you entice and engage your audience to share your message and to be a brand ambassador?

As a marketer, you need to learn to leverage social media – for building relationships, listening to the market, promoting content, and influencing buyers even before they’re identified as potential leads. You have to do more than social media; you have to do social marketing.

The question is no longer should I do social, the real question is why wouldn’t I do social? Our Definitive Guide to B2B Social Marketing shows you how to add social to every marketing activity to drive buyer engagement, new business and revenue. Whether you are just starting out or have a well-defined social marketing plan, this guide is your go-to handbook.

Let’s get social!