Facebook wants to make Facebook Live the go-to stream for live video. Since its recent unveiling, Facebook has been heavily promoting the feature, even giving preferential treatment to the live video posts. That’s why now is the perfect time for your small business to take advantage of this promotion and try your hand at live video streaming.

How to Use Facebook Live

Facebook Live is accessible on Facebook’s mobile app. Just click the button when you are logged in to your Facebook for Business page (it’s the third icon from the left). Once you hit that button, you’ll write a brief description of your video. Keep it under 80 characters.

Some fun video formats to get you started with live streaming:

  • Q&A with your viewers
  • Interview with an expert
  • A panel discussion
  • Demo your product

Before going live, be sure to promote your video schedule and keep it consistent. Pick one day and time of the week that you will be live so that your audience knows to expect it.

Because Facebook wants to make its live video a success, the social platform has been notifying many of your followers when you go live. Even so, call out the follow button at the bottom of your video so your customers continue to get updates.

The rule of video length is almost the exact opposite of what is recommended for video ads. Longer is better. Try to stay live for at least 10 minutes. This gives your followers a chance to check-in to watch the fun and engage with you in the comments. Respond during your live broadcast as the comments and questions roll in.